The following is a list of the more common items in Spartan Warfare, though there are many "rare" items of great value to collectors. These rare items are usually handed out to the winners of holiday competitions.

Active Camo - protects the user from all attacks for 1 hour, attackers suffer no damage.(vulnerable to EMP grenades)

Bubble Shield - Protects user from all attacks for 30 minutes, attackers are hospitalised for a brief time. (vulnerable to EMP grenades)

Evade - protects the user from 3 attacks for 3 hours, after 3 attacks the evade deactivates. (vulnerable to EMP grenades)

Energy Shot - Restores 5% energy.

Energy Refill - Restores 100% energy.

Adrenaline Shot - Restores 10% of users Will.

Overshield - Doubles users health for 1 hour.

Jetpack - Allows user to flee from a fight without losing to the player they were attacking.

Medpack - Reduces time in hospital by 50%.

EMP Grenade - Allows a user to punch through another players protective power up, but it has a small chance to fail, hurting the user.

Dropshield - Protects user from all attacks for 1 hour, user cannot attack for the duration of the dropshield.

AI chips increase your stats for a short time.

Any powerup can be deactivated by clicking it's icon in your active powerups bar.

Weapons are also considered items, though they are equipped like armor, and only two can be equipped at a time.